The weekend

Didn’t exercise—ticked off at myself about that one. Learned a few lessons from my little ones; In every race someone comes in first and someone comes in last.  Celebrate the fact that they made it to the race in the first place dig deep and get over it…Kinsley did that this week with her softball […]

Mama….I am sorry

This is a heartfelt letter to my mom. I want you to know that I now understand the following: ‘Because I said so’ IS an answer It is not the mom’s job to pick up everything ‘I’ll give you something to cry about’ is a warning and should be heeded the phrase ‘a mother’s work […]


550 words wailing about my weekend from hell.  Witty banter about “3 girls sleeping in a bathtub”, “OMG he broke it HOW?” or “#$%#$ my mom was right”.  A blow-by-blow of the ill fated NC ski trip.  Tried to add pictures and all was lost.  $#@&.  That just tops it off. Okay. Maybe me lamenting […]

step back and punt

Sometimes you just have  step back and punt.  So goes my week.  Step back.  Punt.  Nothing has seem to go right or go well or ‘score’ this week.  LIke when a football team just can’t their plays to yield any yardage or when a painter just can’t getg the shape right on a portrait.  Sometimes it just […]

A not so good day, V-Day

V-day…wasn’t that an infamous invasion during a major world war? So yesterday was Valentine’s Day.  By 10p it felt a little like V-day as it became apparent that I would not get a single valentine.  Not one.  I spent hours and hours making valentine’s.  I got nothing.  Granted it is just another day on the calendar but […]

Lessons from the pool

Lesson for the week:  swim hard, swim fast and leave it all in the pool.  Success is measured one baby-step at a time. You don’t have to beat anyone else to win…you just have to do better then you did last time.  Celebrate the small things.  This weeks ‘lesson’ came from my son.  He’s 12.  […]

We survived. When Kinsley and I take on a project you never know how things are going to go….very, very well OR with one of us storming off to our room, crying. Can’t say that is always Kinsley :). There were a few tense moments. Really, who knew that the heart on the top of […]