Like my mama says

All the home from work all I could think about was the sad state of my house.  In my mind I could hear my Mom (who I have never called mama) saying that if you pick up as you go then  you don’t have to spend so much time cleaning.  I learned that lesson, I really did.  I am doing my best to instill that lesson to mine.  They AREN’T learning it.  At all.  Not excusing the sad state of my house…just explaining.  So I was in the working on a real doozy of a mood when I remembered my new years NON resolution.  Quickly I had to reverse directions to think of what I did right this weekend.  Sorry mom.

I did spend some quick but quality time with my daughter.  I refrained from calling everything she picked out hideous (even if it was).  Unlike me, I hung back and let her make her own decision about what to wear.  I celebrated the fact that she decided to be unique and to be her own person and buy the black jumpsuit versus the polyester, ruched, slinky montrosity that was her 2nd choice.  WAHOO.  I then further encouraged her to be her own person and bought her bling to make the plain jumpsuit purely her own.  Tonight I plan on sewing on her bling so that she is totally pumped all week about how awesome she is going to look.  It won’t be as incredible as the red prom dress my mom made me my junior year of high school but it will be special (I hope).  That has to be worth a clean bathroom, right?
I spent  yesterday at 3 grocery stores so I could save some $$.  I am thinking that makes up for the floor I didn’t mop.
I went out with friends on Saturday night (trumps a good vacuum job since that is so out of character for me).  Without caring what I looked like or who was watching I DANCED.  Yep.  My red cowboy boots ‘cut a rug’.  That may sound really stupid to some folks but it’s totally exhilarating for me.  WAHOO.  Check off the dishes for that.  Took a walk.  Then rode a bike to a softball field where my little family spent an hour, without a single electronic device, playing.  Feeling better about not getting that 2nd bathroom cleaned.  Spent 4 hours helping my talented hubby take pics to help a young race car driver boost his career.  That was easily worth a load of laundry or two.  All in all I had a pretty productive weekend.  
Sometimes it isn’t about what you didn’t do but rather about what you did do.  

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