Status just isn’t long enough

I use fb status to talk about my day, my thoughts, my observations.  Witty quips, vague complaints…anything has the potential to show up on a FB post at the end of the day.  My 12-year-old son is appalled.  Nightly he peers over my shoulder.  Nightly he sighs.  “Mom” he says in a voice laden with exasperation and sympathy.  “A post is short.  Not a paragraph.  No one wants to read that.”  His voice tells me that he thinks the whole faecbook concept is beyond my understanding.  Typically I point out that somewhere in my novella is something about him or his sisters.  That buys me an extra sentence or two but nothing more.  “Keep it short, Mom,” he warns.  Stubbornly I continue on until I am out of things to say. He shakes his head the entire time my fingers clack on the keyboard.  I finally he realized he may be right when one of my friends made the comment that she saw how wordy my last post was and just moved on without even making an attempt to read it.  Well, I was a bit miffed at first but then realized to each-his-own. Obviously I needed another way of re-capping my day.  Another medium for expressing myself or my opinions.  Ah-ha.  A blog. 

Son…this is for you.

I love to write (type).  I don’t do it anymore, but I love it.  Remember the days of the diary?  Well…this is my new diary.  I don’t think anyone will want to read it.  Not sure I have anything worthy to say.  However, as part of my 2012 make-over I am not going to concern myself with that.  This is for me.  Period.  Maybe someone will read it.  Maybe they won’t.  Maybe some blog entry will make someone laugh.  Aloud.  Maybe it will change a opinon. Maybe it will spark an idea.  Maybe it will spark an idea in me.  No matter.  Having a blog will give me an outlet.  It will keep me on track and motivated for all that I’ve vowed to do this year.  It will also, hopefully, keep me from getting disappointed looks from my 12-year-old every night.  🙂  It is a win-win.



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