We survived. When Kinsley and I take on a project you never know how things are going to go….very, very well OR with one of us storming off to our room, crying. Can’t say that is always Kinsley :).

There were a few tense moments. Really, who knew that the heart on the top of the butterfly was supposed to be bigger….other then Kinsley? I certainly didn’t. Had to apologize after that discussion. She didn’t t gloat which made it a little easier.

Pintrest supplied the inspiration for the next two. A set of hands with an accordion fold in the middle and a tag that said, I like you this month. Couldn’t say love because she doesn’t  ACTUALLY (her exact word) LOVE most of the people in her class.

The 3rd version is also a Pintrest inspired product with a Libby and Kinsley twist. The message for our version is ‘our class would KNOTbe the same without you. We made bookmarks to go on those. Would have been cuter with valentine colored yarn but we were using what we had on hand.  Craft and closet cleanup all at the same time. Works for me.

Turns out valentines crafts were a family affair. Colton made valentines treats-yum- despite hating chocolate. Sadie sampled the NNANDY (m&m’s for those who don’t speak toddler. Kinsley did all the designing and Piper, our new bunny laid under my chair.

I am loving Valentine’s day!

Pictures to come.


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