A not so good day, V-Day

V-day…wasn’t that an infamous invasion during a major world war?

So yesterday was Valentine’s Day.  By 10p it felt a little like V-day as it became apparent that I would not get a single valentine.  Not one.  I spent hours and hours making valentine’s.  I got nothing.  Granted it is just another day on the calendar but it’s a day when the rest of the world is telling one another, “I like you or I love you.”  It would have been nice to hear.  Did I need flowers? No.  Did I need candy?  No.  Would a handwritten note or picture from ANY of my family been nice?  Yes. 

More than having hurt feelings I am disappointed in each of them.  The kids are old enough to think of others.  They made sure to have goodies for their respective  “girl or boy friend” but did they make a single effort toward me, their dad or their extra dad.  Negative.  As for the husband…well, that is another blog for another day.  Shame on him for not making an effort to treat any of his ‘girls’ with a little extra love. 

It’s not the lack of attention but the lack of thought.  I want my loved ones to think of others.  When they don’t it makes me sad?  That, to me, means I am not doing something right.  No one wants to know that they are not doing a good job.  Seeing you are not doing a good job AND having your feelings hurt at the same time is not so pleasant.

A friend said it was just another day and that he would much prefer showing love when it was unexpected.  I get that.  I understand that.  I know that making a pizza or actually loading the dishwasher are all signs of love.  Those signs are more important than a card or flowers or something.  But….sometimes you need a reminder of:  you- are- important or I- love- what- you- do or I- am- glad- you- are- my- mom.  Sometimes just a little break from the ordinary is nice.  And needed.  And wanted.   

Pity party over.  It’s a new day.  There are 364 more days until the next day of love.  I have time to be sure that next year I’ve done my duty and taught everyone in the family to be a little more generous with their affection.


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