550 words wailing about my weekend from hell.  Witty banter about “3 girls sleeping in a bathtub”, “OMG he broke it HOW?” or “#$%#$ my mom was right”.  A blow-by-blow of the ill fated NC ski trip.  Tried to add pictures and all was lost.  $#@&.  That just tops it off.


Maybe me lamenting about stomach flu’s and overflowing washers, dead batteries and 24 hours of misery weren’t part of this new 2012 attitude I am supposed to be adopting.

As I told a friend today I found the bright side even in the feverish haze of the flu.  Remember the line from the Devil Wears Prada where the skinny red-head tells Ann Hathaway that she is one stomach flu away from her ideal body weight?  Well…few more weekends like this weekend and I’ll be back in my skinny jeans.

Kids got to ski.  I saved money by not skiing.  Saved the cost of 6 meals.  Car finally cranked and Kinsley isn’t scarred for life by being told, ‘just clean it up and go back to bed” by a dreaming Grandpa.   Right?  Who needs a blow-by-blow of the bad?

Long, long story cut short thanks to MAC.

one bright moment


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