Mama….I am sorry

This is a heartfelt letter to my mom.

I want you to know that I now understand the following:

  • ‘Because I said so’ IS an answer
  • It is not the mom’s job to pick up everything
  • ‘I’ll give you something to cry about’ is a warning and should be heeded
  • the phrase ‘a mother’s work is never done’ should be tattooed somewhere visible
  • the validity of ‘if mama ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy’
  • ‘I am doing this because I love you’ is not BS
  • a daughter is a gift and a curse
  • life IS not fair
  • ‘don’t look at me in that tone’ is  not as dumb as it sounds
  • anything that is to be said that requires a side to side motion of the head should not be said
  • there is a fine line between determination, stubbornness and just plain pig headedness
  • your way was the right way and if it wasn’t the right way it was not my job to correct you
  • manners are important
  • it ain’t all about me
  • ‘I love you but I don’t always like you’ is putting it mildly

I apologize for every eye roll, every smart remark, every sigh, every hrmmph and every GEEZ that I muttered under my breath.  I am sorry for the gray hair I caused.  I admire you for not killing me.  I admire that you somehow managed to still give me rewards in life.  I take back every thought I had that I knew more than you did about EVERYTHING and I would like to publicly reverse the opinion that you didn’t understand anything I was going through.  Thank you for fighting battles I never knew you fought for me.  Thank you for teaching me to handle things on my own…I see now that you weren’t abandoning me but you were teaching me to be an adult. Thank you for letting me lose. Thank you for letting me know if was okay if someone was faster, smarter, prettier and friendlier.  I appreciate your teaching me to work hard for what I wanted and not to expect that the world owed me a darn thing.

I apologize to you and would like to assure you that the last laugh is yours.  I have a daughter.  I have a daughter JUST LIKE ME.  I am getting back every single thing that I ever did to you.  Give me the serenity prayer and a stiff drink—I am going to need both to survive this.







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