You are Invited!

You are invited to a PITY PARTY Hosted by ME When:  now Where:  doesn’t matter-I can feel sorry for myself anywhere RSVP to reserve your spot. BYOW (bring your own WHINE (not wine–although that would work).  I’ll provide the pity and the tears.

The broccoli drama

Tonight I used a kid friendly recipe to try and sneak some veggies into my non-veggie eaters plate.  It was chopped broccoli, rice and cheese.  Literally each muffin had miniscule amounts of broccoli.  Tee-nine-ee.  Spent all night patting myself on my back for a nice mom moment.   Enter my 12 year old son from […]

Lord have mercy

This tends to be phrase I use a lot.  Being a home-grown-southern-girl I also say, “bless her heart, she is so ugly she’d snag lightning,  y’all and shoot-fire.”  This time, I don’t use the phrase, lord have mercy,  as a southern expression but as a heart-felt plea for a higher power to literally help. Help […]

Just very random

Not a whole lot of method to my madness tonight.  Just a twirling, swirling series of random thoughts. You never quit being someone’s daughter.  I am 40 years old and my Dad still goes out of his way to take care of me. Some things in life are pointless:  chocolate covered purple peeps immediately spring […]

Your loss

Yesterday I saw a picture of my husband as a baby.  I was touched at how much Sadie looks like her Daddy.  The curls, the nose, the cheeks.  It made me sad that the person that had the picture will never know, by choice,  how much her son’s daughter resembles her son.  I can’t address […]

Clearing up some misconceptions

Misery loves company…misery might but who really wants to buddy up to someone when they are miserable.  Put 2 miserable people together and you just get WAY more misery then you started with. When the going gets tough, the tough get going.  Or sometimes the tough just see the writing on the wall and quit.  […]