this is my life

Last night I wanted to scream, “I WANT MY LIFE BACK!”  I would like to be able to eat off my kitchen table without moving crap.  I would like everyone in this house to be healthy.  I would like a pet without bowel issues.  I would like to come home and be able to walk in the door without tripping over something, smelling something or feeling like I want to run screaming out of the door.  Just once it would be nice to know what is for dinner when I am asked, “What’s for dinner?” and to feel like the dinner I provided was nutritious.  These days my idea of nutrition is opening a can of Mandarin oranges and a can of soup.  Vitamins are vitamins, right.  How nice would it be to get dressed in my closet versus in the laundry room because that’s where all the clothes are.  Or to get in the car in the morning in the garage versus the driveway.  I would consider it a luxury to be in a bathroom with toilet paper instead of being in one without and having to holler for the closest child to help.  Is it too much to ask to walk from the pantry to the sink WITHOUT a single crunch, squish or splat?  How many goldfish crackers must I step on in a single day?  I would love to get my 2 year old to school with shoes…they don’t even have to match…rather dropping her off only to discover she is barefoot…wait for it…wait for it…AGAIN.  I sigh daydreaming of a morning when I don’t have to squeal into work on two wheels because I am late.

haha…I say I want my life back but truth is THIS IS MY LIFE.


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