Give a….

There is a children’s book series that goes something like, “Give a mouse a donut…”.  Personally I think the stories are rather dumb so I don’t know the exact wording but the phrase stuck with me tonight.  I decided to write my own….

  • give a toddler goldfish and she will drop them-and then she will step on them-again and again and again
  • give a pre-teen girl a directive and she will give you an eye roll
  • give a toddler a bath and you will have water on the floor
  • give yourself a ‘free night’ and you’ll spend the next week catching up
  • give your son a compliment and he’ll want $125 personalized Nike shoes
  • give your son a maybe and he will drive you crazy about ordering them
  • give your son a deal that you’ll pay for 1/2 and he’ll quit driving you crazy about ordering them when he counts out $70 of his own money
  • give your pre-teen son some freedom he’ll take it…and you’ll regret the offer-sort of
  • give yourself a weekend with no plans and suddenly there will be a thousand things to do
  • give your 2 year old new shoes and she will wear them, and only them, all around the house
  • give your daughter a dress you hate and she will wear it for picture day
  • give your husband support and he will love you that much more
  • give your friend some bad news and your heart will hurt right along with hers
  • give your checking account a little extra and suddenly 3 things will fall apart
  • give yourself a to-do list and everything but that list will get done
  • give yourself a pat on the back and it will bite you in the booty
  • give your daughter a sippy cup of milk instead of juice and she’ll throw it on the floor
  • give your daughter a push on the swing and you will be pushing for hours
  • give your children a rabbit and there will be a trail of bunny poop EVERYWHERE
  • give a mom a chance to sleep late and she’ll wake up early
  • give yourself an early morning appointment and you’ll sleep until noon
  • give yourself plans for outdoors and it will rain
  • give yourself a good work-out plan you can stick to and something will suddenly hurt
  • give your daughter a door and she will open it-and close it-and open it-and close it
  • give your toddler a word you don’t want them to say and it will be the only word they say clearly and often
  • give your children a surprise visit to the park and they will never want to leave
  • give your kids lots of hugs and you’ll get a lot in return
  • give your little athlete support and you’ll get unbelievable results
  • give a mom a few free minutes when the kids go to sleep and she will blog.  🙂

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