things you would only say to a 2 year old

A friend and I were comparing our 2 year olds today.  Turns out her daughter and mine are very similar.  As I was sharing I was incredulous that these were actual conversations I had with my little one. 

Sadie now says, “Da-a-a-a-ddd—eeee” in this sing-song voice when a) she wants something or b) when she has something she isn’t supposed to have or c) when she’s tattling on me.  She tattles often.  If she is told NO she runs to whomever is closest with big alligator tears.  She snuggles up to them and points at the offender.  Once she knows she has their attention she rattles off in baby tones.  You can’t understand much but you can understand the name of the person she is most upset with–that is clear as day.  Her ‘bubba’ is her favorite because he then picks her up and coo’s to her until she’s calm.  Rotten.  She is rotten.

The newest word is “Nop-puh”.  Her little lips purse and she lets out a poof of air at the end.  It was cute the first 100 times she used it.  Not so much now.

  • Sadie go get your shoes, “Nop-puh”. 
  • Sadie pick up that book you just threw across the room, “Nop-puh”. 
  • Sadie, drop the rabbit poop! “Nop-puh. 
  • Sadie tell her sister you are sorry for hitting her and drawing blood, “Nop-puh.”
  • Sadie get off the floor.  We don’t act like that in public, “Nop-puh”
  • Sadie get out of the cupboard, you can’t be hungry.  “Nop-puh”
  • Sadie please quit kicking me.  I am trying to sleep.  “No-puh”

and so on and so on


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