Warrior toddler

After a brief hiatus from my barely conceived WARRIOR training, I am back on track. Of course my track is the slow lane on the physical activity superhighway. I have big plans for myself though. Tonight I ran up a hill. Okay….Hill might be an exaggeration. I jogged up an incline. Better? Regardless…it was the end of my walk and I actually pIcked up the pace to keep up with Phil. Of course I slowed down to a walk as soon as I began to huff. In an epiphany I realized that is what I hate so much about running.  When I get going my breath quickens and I feel like I am losing control.  There it is…that ugly control issue rearing it’s ugly head. Crap.

You know what else I don’t have control of when I run?

Jiggly skin….ugh

Flapping flap….things shake that I am pretty sure shouldn’t be shaking

Boobs. Evidently you get what you pay for in sports bras. My 3.99 bargin doesn’t cut it.

I hate to sweat. I don’t do it well. At all.

Can we take a moment to discuss something….bladders just aren’t what they used to be. That is all I am saying.

How I am going to talk if I can’t breathe?

If I am huffing and puffing everyone is going to know I am out of shape. Well, du-uh. If the panting doesn’t do it the size —  (double digit) capri’s certainly will.

Obviously I’ve got a LOT of work to do.




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