Lord have mercy

This tends to be phrase I use a lot.  Being a home-grown-southern-girl I also say, “bless her heart, she is so ugly she’d snag lightning,  y’all and shoot-fire.”  This time, I don’t use the phrase, lord have mercy,  as a southern expression but as a heart-felt plea for a higher power to literally help.

Help me to not abandon my daughter.  Help me NOT to say something in anger that I can’t take back later.  Help me to NOT react to every single solitary thing she does.  Help me to breathe, A LOT, before commenting.  If counting really helps then I beg to be given the patience to count as high as I need to before engaging in conversation with mini-me.

I expected drama, I know there would be challenges, I was well aware that things would get worse before they got better.  I was not; however, expecting it to be this bad before she turned double digits.

Another phrase springs to mind as this point, “like mother like daughter” but I am having trouble buying into this phrase as this moment.  Personally, I don’t think I would have survived to adulthood had I smarted off, whined, complained and generally made life as miserable as my Kinsley does on a regular basis.

I have yelled, reasonsed, punished, ignored, discussed, debated, urged, asked, promised, raged, popped and cried.  I am out of things to try.

And…just to forwarn…if one well-meaning soul tells me “just wait” in the next few days I might just unleash a flurry of non-southern, non-ladylike terms in their well meaning direction.


2 thoughts on “Lord have mercy

  1. when I have these moments, I walk outside for a minute or two, then I come back and give my kid a hug, explain that anger its bad and that we need to work together to find a solution. The hug is the important part.

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