The broccoli drama

Tonight I used a kid friendly recipe to try and sneak some veggies into my non-veggie eaters plate.  It was chopped broccoli, rice and cheese.  Literally each muffin had miniscule amounts of broccoli.  Tee-nine-ee.  Spent all night patting myself on my back for a nice mom moment.  

Enter my 12 year old son from swim practice.  My skinny, skinny little man swam about 2 miles tonight and will swim that tomorrow, and Thursday.  On Friday he has a 500 yard race followed by a 200 IM (all 4 strokes).  He then swims 5 races on Saturday and again on Sunday.  Think a healthy meal or two just might be important this week.

He comes in and warms his plate and swaggers into the den where we are all sitting.  Doofus.  I knew immediately that he didn’t have the veggie muffin since there was no hyper-ventilating.  Seems as if slick ricky had traded his veggie muffin for a blueberry muffin and thought no one would be the wiser.  First mistake.

Second mistake.  Breaking up the muffin thinking I would notice it if it was in several pieces versus one piece.

Third mistake…whining like a baby that it was nasty.

By now it has been an hour.  Yes, an hour.  Over 2 teeny pieces of broccoli. At this point it’s literally 3 bites. If I send him to bed without eating it then he’s won, right?  So I buckle up and firm up and let him know I wasn’t playing around.  

To get his attention I told him that if he wasn’t mature enough to eat something healthy then he wasn’t mature enough to have a phone. Still nothing.  Now I’ve got to follow thru, right.  So I tell him if he doesn’t eat in 5 minutes then he has to surrender his phone.  

He does.

He gives up his cell phone thinking he is going to avoid eating the 2 teeny pieces of broccoli.


So we wait.  I warn him that this is FB material.  That ticks him off but not enough to eat.

An hour and a half later and now and litearlly one full bite remains on his plate.  

It is now 10:10 and we are battling over 2 bites.  I send him to bed, phoneless.

Anyone else think I may have an issue on my hands?


2 thoughts on “The broccoli drama

  1. Grandpa, the sweetest man on earth, made me sit in the (then) kitchen for hours over little green peas. I tried to hide them in the mashed potatoes. I tried dropping them on the floor. I tried mashing them up. No going. It was an hours long battle that he won. Cold, mushy, dirty little green peas. yuck! I would say you and the boy come by it honestly. You come from a very long line of stubborn people.

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