A nearly perfect weekend

Ever had a nearly perfect weekend? The kind that isn’t planned…it sort of sneaks up on you?  Easter weekend proved to be just that.

It didn’t begin as perfect.  In fact, it was a cluster of mega proportions Friday night.  Saturday didn’t start much better.  But once we got to Toccoa everything and everyone settled in (and down) quite nicely.

Saturday was spent watching the kids play in the frigid creek waters (formerly known as Lake Hartwell).  In between the creek there RHINO rides and general frolicking in the woods.  We rocked in rocking chairs on the front porch.  We lounged in lounge chairs in the sun on the deck.  Watched for glimpses of baby eagles playing in the cove.  Played scrabble at dusk and listened to the birds.  Friday night we roasted PEEPS.  🙂  Yes, those ooey, gooey, sugar crusted marshmellowy things.  We might have discovered the only thing that PEEPS are good for.  Turns out when roasted the sugar melts and crust around the marshmallow.  Yum.

Sunday morning dawned with Easter buckets full of candy and treats.  My big gril pranced around in her first hi-heeled Easter shoes (paid for with her own money), her new duds and her glasses.  She looked like a fresh faced teenager which made me both happy and sad.  My little girl was all gingham and ruffles and to my delight, she wore a hat atop her curls from extended periods of time.  Sunday morning there was a trip to mass where Father Foley, a priest from my childhood, delivered a sermon that was funny, poignant and touching.  He manged to get an Easter message across to everyone in every walk of faith.

Sunday afternoon was full of loudness as cousins got together.  Dustin had us in stitches the minute the leaped out of the van with his dry, country boy humor.  Together Dustin and Colton were full of energy, mischief and quips that had us all belly-laughing.

It wasn’t long into the afternon before the boys took off in their prized possession–a leaky boat their grandpa gave them,   They had to push it most of the way as the creek is too shallow for even the trolling motor but that didn’t matter to them.  They were free–out on the lake with the wind in their hair and the water under their feet.  The girls worked on a strawberry cake with mounds and mounds of frothy pink-strawberry icing.  Later they headed to the creek where Kinsley gave Bailee swimming lessons.  🙂  And of course to spy on the boys.  The adults sat on the deck, in the sun, and watched.  Later, we ate a traditional Easter lunch in the front porch–which was so stinking pleasant that it HAS to become a new tradition.

While the kids cleaned up the kitchen with their Gramsey we hid Easter eggs.  I was delighted with the 12 year old boys hunted the prizes with as much gusto as the 9 year old girls and the 2 year old toddler.  At the end of the hunt they all sat in the grass and traded their prizes back-and-forth.  Seeing my 2 year old peeking into her brothers basket was priceless.  It was loud as they each tried to outrun, out talk and out eat the other.  Looking back, I don’t think I would have had it any other way.

The perfect weekend concluded with leaf sledding.  All of the cousins (Sadie included) raced down the hillside into the abandoned lake bed on a bed of slippery, cushiony leaves while sitting on a sled.  The laughter and the hoots and hollers of cousins cheering one another on and laughing at each others antics were music to my  ears.  It reminded me of the good-ole-days on that very lake when I was hooting and hollering with my cousins.  No tv’s, no games, no computers.  Just good, old, fashioned dirty fun.  There wasn’t a clean face in the entire group.  Leaves were stuck in hair, in diapers and everywhere else.  Bare feet were dirty because of course you had to be bare footed as you tromped up and down the hills and in and out of the creek.  Clothes were stained and legs were scrapped but none of that mattered because the broad smiles on the faces of everyone.  Even Phil felt like a kid again and attempted to make a leaf sledding run. His topsy, Image, tumble down the mountainside provided long and loud laughter as Dustin mimicked his arms and lets akimbo barrel roll off the sled and into the leaf’s.  Somewhere there is even a video of that re-enactment.

It was a noisy, dirty few days but it was absolutely delightful. It was a day of memories, a weekend of stolen moments.  It was a perfect weekend.


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