only in my world

Only in my world would Babies Daddy send home the paid babysitter on Saturday and spend the evening watching the daughter of the new husband and the ex-wife.   Of course in my world it is normal that he would complain about how late we were out even though WE were basically working a second job to cover life expenses since he is unemployed.  In my world is is not the least bit unusual for to hear my new hubby say, “oh..hey man” as he walks in HIS house for a late lunch.  Seems as if baby daddy is hanging out at OUR HOUSE with my 9 year old who couldn’t go to the babysitter that we still pay because the babysitter’s son was sick.  Um hmm.  BD can’t committ to getting Kinsley off the bus ever day despite the fact that he is UNEMPLOYED.  Sigh.  In this world Sadie calls BD, ‘daddy’ and squeals in delight when she sees him EVERY NIGHT.  It’s a crazy world because I personally think BD makes extra visits because he loves seeing and getting hugs from Sadie girl.  It’s a weird but true statement but he’s a much more attentive daddy to her than he was to his own at the same age.  I can’t even call it a dysfunctional world because, in truth, it functions just fine.  Warped and discombobulated, but fine.  Guess you do what you have to do to get done what needs to get done.  In the case of the Evans-Pyle clan that means setting ego’s aside and finding a way to make it work. 


One thought on “only in my world

  1. I see a new show in your future. “Redneck Big Love” I think it is cool and it will benefit the children in the end.

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