Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung…with a vengeance.

Phil at I worked together (and survived) as a husband and wife wedding photography team.  8 hours and 2786 pictures.  It wasn’t perfect–I obviously need more than a 5 minute lesson–but  all turned out okay in the end.  There are some okay shots, some GREAT shots (phil’s) and some creative shots (pintrest).  There were also some really, really bad shots (mine) but in the end we got the ones that mattered and even managed to click off a few outstanding $$ shots.  Whew.  Another  upside is now I don’t have to feel guilty about my pintrest time as it is now research.  🙂  I have been dreading this for weeks.  Thought once I got thru this I could coast for a few weeks without a care in the world.


Spring break is over.  The kids relaxed for a few days at Camp Gramsey.  Had a tiny bit of friend time.  I managed to take a day off work and took the kids on a hike up Stone Mountain.  Yes.  Me.  Planned physical activity.  On purpose.  Sunday Kinsley asked for a riverside picnic in Helen to celebrate the end of Spring break.  We didn’t have a reason to say no so off we went to our favorite grocery store/deli, Betty’s in Helen.  $52 and 5 sandwiches later (that will be our last trip to our favorite grocery store/deli) were on the banks of the river in Helen where we waded, took pictures, skipped rocks and made a few memories. One of the memories being Sadie falling in and getting soaked to the bone.  Hey, what is a picnic without someone getting wet?

Now we are back to a life crammed to the brim with activities.  Colton resumes swimming:  5:45-8p nightly.  CRCT’s start tomorrow.  God help us all as the pressure of standardized test kicks in and teachers and students begin the annual ritual of freaking out.  Softball games are back in full swing (pun intended) with a minimum of 2 per night from here until the end of the school year.  And of course, as fate would have it, the rest of our games are the 7:30 weeknight ones.  Fun, fun, fun.  That means rushing home, shoveling down dinner while trying to do homework, rushing to the ball park with one very tired, cranky toddler while trying to juggle one at swimming and one at bat.  Missed bedtime means chaotic mornings which lead to traumitizing days.  We can use the weekends to relax and catch up, right?

HA!  Saturday’s are now going to be filled with swim meets, cake walks, trips out-of-state and weddings.  sandwiched in between those will be photo gigs and long nights of photo work.  Add to that the walks and the dinners and the occasional breakdown when I realize that our house is a total disaster.  How exactly does a house get demolished when you aren’t even home? 

Notice this post disintegrating?  It’s because I just realized I am about a month  away from the warrior dash.  Which means I am outta time for that 20 pounds and that whole ‘in-shape’ idea.  A month away until the end of school (HENCE THE START OF SUMMER and the LACK OF ORGANIZED, STRUCTURED  ACTIVITIES aka SCHOOL).  In June we have an out-of-state every weekend–like 4-5 hours out-of-state.  In fact, looking at a calendar it appears as if we only have about 3 total weekends at home between now and July.  Oh god, where is a paper bag when you  need one. I think I am hyperventilating. 



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