One month

In one month I have to publicly wear shorts, tie on my tennis shoes and do the unthinkable–participate in a race.  I am not ‘racing’ mind you, merely trying to finish.  HOWEVER, this endeavor is so far out of my comfort zone.  I don’t compete in physical events.  Ever.  For a reason.  I failed miserably at every “presidential Fitness Test” in middle school and high school.  I am permanently scarred from my inability to do a proper pull up.  My life has been about avoiding physical activity–as is evident in my current literal ‘shape’.   Up to this point I have been optimistic in that my competitive nature and my determination would get me through.  It is not in my nature to quit.  Once I start something I finish.  I thought sheer will power would propel me toward the finish line. 

Then I hiked up Stone Mountain.

1.3 miles up.  Straight up in some cases.  Still, it is 1.3 miles compared to the 5K of the Warrior Dash.  1/2 way up I thought, “I am going to die.”  I could literally see my heart pumping in my chest.  You would have thought I was the wolf in the 3 little pig story the way I was huffing and puffing.  I didn’t  quit but I did sit down.  I did consider saying, ‘don’t you think this is far enough’ to Colton and Kinsley.  I didn’t.  I give myself brownie points for that, but I did consider it which terrifies me.

At this point my legs haven’t miraculously de-lumped…guess I thought that simply clicking the “ENROLL” button on the Warrior Dash site would immediately dissolve cellulite?  I am a moron.  My arms haven’t become shapely.  Proof to that was when my precocious daughter (opppsss–did I misspell precious) reached over in the car one day and gave my arm fat a little push as if it were a swing and she wanted to see how high it would go.  I am not even remarking on the shape of my non-abs.   evidentially, pinning work out on your personal pintrest board don’t count much in the way of calorie control.  Guess I was supposed to actually DO the exercises.  Yuck.

Good lord.  What was I thinking?  Rather, what was I NOT thinking as I hit “yes” when my friend threw out this challenge?  Even now with all my walking I couldn’t run if my life depended on it.  I’ve discovered that my control freak nature will never let me be a runner.  First sign of panting or feeling out of control and my body and brain totally freak out.   How am I going to overcome that in the midst of thousands of IN SHAPE people who will participate in this event LESS THAN 35 DAYS FROM NOW.

I don’t even have time for the 5 weeks:  couch to 5K program.  Holy moly am I in trouble.



One thought on “One month

  1. You are not in trouble. You will be awesome! I have no doubt. The best you can do is all you have to do to be successful.

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