nice things

Nice things were done for me today.  I was invited to lunch.  A friend bought my lunch.  Another friend complimented me.  Another friend asked my input in something.  Another one listened while I talked.  Real elementary to most folks. HUGE deal for me.

Today I realized a few things.

  • I just can’t believe how nice it is to have friends.
  • I can’t believe that there are people like me out there–quirky, insecure, NORMAL
  • I am amazed at how a one hour break in the day puts everything in prespective.
  • Laughing is a good thing.
  • Realizing you have people listening to you is empowering.
  • Knowing that you aren’t alone frustrations (career, parenting, matrimony, budget, etc.) is comforting.
  • Being surrounded by eccentric, intelligent, encouraging women ignites creativity.
  • People who like you want to do things like buy cookies and treat you to lunch.  There is no ulterior motive.
  • That little negative voice inside your head is harder to hear when you’ve got 4-5 women sitting at a table all talking at the same time.  The little voice goes away completely when Jean tells a funny story or when Ashley pshhaws and says something insightful or when Erica cuts right to the chase and says something wise or when Heather dishes out good advice.  Who cares what that little voice says when Susan reminds us of her most embarrassing moment.
  • Having a friend requires being at the right place, at the right time and in the right frame of mind.  I don’t know how all the stars aligned from me to meet these really cool chicks but I am awfully glad it happened.
  • You may see someone in the hallway a thousand times…you may even have short conversations…your work may parrallel one anothers but don’t ever think that all you see in those brief ecounters is all there is.  There is so much more sometimes.
  • Encouragement comes in all shapes and all sizes and in all tones and in all ways.  Sometimes you just have to shut up and listen.
  • Sometimes you just have to say thank you.
  • When you are around true friends you don’t have to worry about taking the last bite of cookie.  If they want it more then you do then they will tell you.  I love that.
  • Friends get you out of a rut.
  • The question WHY can change everything.

Someone did something nice for me today.  It might have been no big deal to her but it was a great, big deal to me.


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