When I think of summer I think of: lists of chores to be done before we could play trips to Stone Mountain when it was only a beach and a slide  with the neighborhood kids getting up and checking the sky on the morning of the Stone Mountain trips and being disappointed every time because it […]

No sh&^

Are you familiar with the expression, “You can’t make s%^& like this up?” Warning:  this story is not for the faint of heart. Sadie is having a diaper rash issue. Per doctors instructions we are letting her air out a bit.  This means ‘going commando’.  At 2 and aware of the potty process it’s not […]

Batter Up, Mom Down

9-10 year old softball. Kinsley plays for the Oconee Diamonds–red jerseys and awesome red and black diamond socks. In softball, it’s all about the style. She is the right fielder and bats middle to end of the batting order. She isn’t the worst player, she certainly isn’t the best. She is the best cheerleader. She […]