Take 10—thats how many times I’ve tried to get this to post



Let’s try this again.

Recapping some of my previous  post.

Still haven’t found the poop.  Scary.

Warrior Dash is now in DAYS, not weeks, and I am less ready then I was when I hyperventilated a month ago.  Really.  

Cool kid lunches continue and I continue to be invited.  I continue to be amazed that I am invited.

My life now revolves around softball rather then swimming.  Turns out I ‘love out loud’ (thx HRCSF) as obnoxiously in softball as I do in swimming.  You are in luck because it is not as easy to post a video of a softball game as it is a 2 minute swim race.  I am still trying.

What else have I blogged about?  Oh yes…if YOU plan on sharing this with BD (short for baby daddy) please have let me know-don’t slink around like a sneak to meddle in affairs that don’t concern you.

Kinsley has my number and now steps up to the plate and says, “I am going for toppings” because I promised her if she got a hit I would get her ice cream…she got on…next at bad she told me she wanted toppings.  She’s going to be a 300pound All-Star hitter if this keeps up.

I got a text today that read, “what would you do if your son made honor roll”  because I wasn’t there when my son got 2 AWARDS.  2.  Two.  Dos.  Multiple.  He came down all dressed up in a collared shirt and cargo shorts.  I commented how nice he looked.  Breaks my heart to think of him all dressed up walking up to earn 2 awards with no one there for him.  This is sure to be a subject of a future blog or on a pschy—never mind—a shrinks couch—when he is older.

Saturday night I spent 10 hours at a softball field while my daughter won her first softball championship and spent 2 hours spying on my son who was expecting to get his first kiss at the movie in the park.  Trust me, for a mother–all firsts are not created equal.  Thank God she won and thank god he didn’t.  Only one child got on base Saturday and that is a-okay with me.

Valentine’s day sucked (did I blog about that?) but Mother’s day did not.  

Operation Pauper is still underway.  To quote Forrest Gump, ” and that is all I have to say about that.”

The woman that gave birth to my husband–she doesn’t deserve the title mother or mom–continues to be a non-entity in our lives.  Good for me.  Sad for Phil.  Sadder still for her as she misses out on the most adorable, precious, , sweetest, fattest baby ever.  My Sadie girl will never know her–for that I am starting to be very thankful.

And there it is…an update.  I am sure it was less interesting in recap then it was the first time but it-is-what-it-is.  I don’t make this stuff up…I just write about it.


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