an ephiany

At some point YOUR truth becomes THE truth. I’ve been struggling with something for over a year and a  half…how people did nasty things to one another but still seemed to sleep at night, still smiled and went about their day as if nothing happened, still seemed to hold themselves with a firm carriage that […]

Being punished

I am being punished for being vain. My fake eyelashes look GREAT but my contacts are freaking out.  Hard to see my gorgeus lashes behind coke bottles glasses.  I don’t wear my glasses in public but my body seems to be totally rejecting the contacts.  Have an appointment with a real eye DR verus a […]

The power of a pair

A pair of shoes can change your whole outlook. I am counting on it. Middle-aged, fluffy, swim mom meet the shoes of your dreams.  Irregular Choice shoes are as funky, as colorful, as fun and as funky as anything I could have ever imagined.  And I know own a pair thanks to e-bay, my sweet […]