A+ moment

quiet moments make me happyNot every day has to be an A+ day.  I had a bad habit of giving the day an overall grade in my mind–A, B, C, D (yes-I am of the generation that had D’s) and F’s.  Sometime this year in an effort to be more positive I decided to make it a habit of finding pockets of happiness, moments of bliss, rays of sunshine in each and every day.  Even those straight up sucky days.  I am not always good at it but I find that when I remember to do it I feel much better.  I’ve yet to find a day–even the worst day imaginable-that doesn’t have something, something that offers a smile.

For instance:

  • kids are bickering, house is a disaster, husbands grumpy, dogs are barking, dinner is burning…just when I am aready to scream “CALGON TAKE ME AWAY” I notice that my 12 year old son has taken my 2 year old into his lap (on his own accord) and is reading her a book.  She’s listening intently, her thumb in her mouth, as he reads about the adventures of ‘Gossie and Gertie’.  While I look he reaches up and brushes a curl out of her eyes so she can see.  Her fat little finger points at the picture.  With her thumb still in her mouth she moves she mutters, “boots”.  He says, “Good girl” and keeps reading.  It’s a moment.  An A+ moment.
  • There are 12 things to do on my ‘to-do’ list and 2 hours left in the day.  45 undread e-mails, red light indicates I have voice mails waiting.  Of the 10 things already accomplished on  my ‘to-do” list 8 have to be redone.  Every issue is a crisis today.  I am worn out, discouraged and testy.  I click on an e-mail and it says, “Thank you…” Someone appreciating what you do, what you’ve done or how you’ve done it.  A+ moment in an otherwise F kind of day.
  • After 3 fights, a bout of tears, one time out and exhorbrant levels of frustration from a shopping trip with your 9 year old daughter you give up all hope of finding any redeeming moments in the day.  She sits huddled up against the car door.  You are as far to the other side of the car as you can get.  Each of you seem lost in your own negative thoughts.  Suddenly you hear a little voice say, “Thank you for taking me shopping Mama.”  Poof.  A+
  • A penny, heads up, on the sidewalk
  • A parking space right up front
  • A stranger smiling at you
  • An unexpected hug
  • Hearing your little girl sing softly to herself in the backseat
  • Your husband leaving a little sticky note saying he loves you
  • All green lights on the way home
  • A compliment on an outfit
  • Friends inviting you to lunch
  • the scent of wisteria on a humid summer night
  • seeing a lighting bug
  • Seeing your child actually doing, without being told, something that needs to be done
  • A really good word in Scrabble
  • A high-scoring word in a highly competitive scrabble game
  • hearing an old favorite song on the radio and being alone in the car so you can sing along, loudly, with out a care
  • eating outside, on a deck, on a Friday night
  • seeing your son touch the wall first in a swim meet
  • settling down at night and noticing all 3 of your children curled up, quietly, reading
  • finding a $1 in the washing machine
  • watching your daughter put on your sons boots or your high heels and tumbling around the house
  • watching your daughter take your younger daughters hand and lead her somewhere-anywhere
  • the smell of lavender
  • ruffles and bows on fat little babies

There are A+ moments even in the worst of days. What was your A+ moment today?


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