The power of a pair

A pair of shoes can change your whole outlook.

I am counting on it.

Middle-aged, fluffy, swim mom meet the shoes of your dreams.  Irregular Choice shoes are as funky, as colorful, as fun and as funky as anything I could have ever imagined.  And I know own a pair thanks to e-bay, my sweet husband who likes my funky style and a very sweet stranger who closed an e-bay auction early just so I can have these beloved shoes to wear to a family wedding this Saturday.  My dress may be from Goodwill but my shoes…my lovely shoes…are straight up boutique and expensive.

With these shoes I can forget my middle aged spread, I can focus on my lower legs that are in far better shape then they were a few months ago.  With th4ese shoes I will stand taller and not just because I am trying to keep my tummy tucked in.  As I stride with confidence into the crowd I won’t be worried about crows feet or thinning lips.  My arms my jiggle a bit but my golly who will notice that when they spy the SHOES.

It may be shallow and it is certainly against every lesson I am trying to teach my daughter but it’s the truth…confidence doesn’t always come from within. Sometimes it needs some help.  Sometimes confidence has to be teased out, coerced out, wooed out and helped along by things like, oh, new shoes.  Hey, at my age, at my size and at my overall appearance I will take help anywhere I can find it.  I found help nicely packaged in colorful size 7 heels.

In history there have been shoes that have changed destiny….red sequined slippers that with a click of their heels transported Dorothy from the magical land of Oz back to her beloved Kansas.  Ask Cinderella about the power of a pair of shoes.  Her tiny glass slippers were magical and powerful enough to move her from the hood to the castle.  No Christmas is complete without the story of the little boy who saved up for his dying mom to be able to own a pair of Christmas shoes.

I am telling you, I believe shoes can change your outlook and I plan on putting that to the test on Saturday.


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