Being punished

I am being punished for being vain.

My fake eyelashes look GREAT but my contacts are freaking out.  Hard to see my gorgeus lashes behind coke bottles glasses.  I don’t wear my glasses in public but my body seems to be totally rejecting the contacts.  Have an appointment with a real eye DR verus a doc-in-the-box but they can’t see me until Tuesday.  It’s not looking good.

The shoes? The glorious shoes that I ranted and raved about?  yeah, they didn’t come.  Overnight shipping my *&*.  Turns out they are somewhere between here at LA.  Doesn’t really matter because they aren’t here.  Disregard all previous postings about being brave and being confident.

I am left with bushy eyebrows.  Glasses. Thick-nerdy-obscene glasses.  A goodwill dress that bares my jiggling arms.  No shoes.  This wedding is in Alabma but going shoeless isn’t really appropriate.  Stress has settled in and is doing not such nice things to my skin. 

This is payback for being so giddy and silly about ‘looking good’ I guess.


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