A Fairy tale (complete with villian)

In most fairy tales there is a wedding.  I can now say that I have attended a fairy tale wedding.  The wedding reception this weekend was a PINTREST dream.  Not a single detail was overlooked.  It was personal, spectacular, jaw dropping and special.  From the 3 inch thick rose petal aisle that the wedding party walked down to the throwing of rose petals as the couple left the church—even your nose was able to enjoy the night. 

Drinks in mason jars, hay bales covered in quilts for outside seating.  Burlap and roses.  On the surface it sounds sort of confusing but in person…WOW.  Somehow this country theme transformed into pure elegance.  Old, antique doors served as the bars from which mason jar drinks were served or their personal wine in personal wine bottles was poured.  More mason jars with candles hanging from every branch of every tree.  Horses wore capes of white roses.   A real ‘tree’ was fashioned high inside–it’s branches twining and climbing the rafters while greenery gently wafted in the breeze of the paddle fans swirling abouve.  Antique chandeliers at every juncture-the crystal cathing the candlelight and enhnancing the spark, the glow from the candles.  White lights twinked and wrapped around and on and over every conceivable surface.  The whole ‘barn’ sparkled- the night sparkled and twinkled and shined. It was like standing in the middle of a star light sky.

  The biggest sparkle of the night had to be the bride and groom.  Pure, genuine happiness radiated from their smiles.  Their vows were personal, the decorations had were tailor designed for their personalities.  At every turn there was evident at how in love they are and how grateful they are for all their friends and family. 

It’s their day so it’s not my place to share pictures.  I wish I could.  I am going to post a very sweet picture that summed up the night as my son took my daughters hand and led her down the rose petal, twinkling corridor. 


As with every fairy tale there comes a moment with even the most beautiful of things are destroyed.   (Insert sound bite of a needle scratching against your favorite record,  Freddy Kruger’s nails shrieking down a chalkboard or any other sound that causes your body to clench, your hair to stand on end and your skin the tighten.)  Yep.  In this sweet, sweet place full of fun and beauty there lived an evil, demented witch who wanted to rein havoc and chaos on anything happy.  My life.  My story tale life is complete with the evil witch, the nasty troll, the ugly villain.  That is another story for another day.


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