an ephiany

At some point YOUR truth becomes THE truth.

I’ve been struggling with something for over a year and a  half…how people did nasty things to one another but still seemed to sleep at night, still smiled and went about their day as if nothing happened, still seemed to hold themselves with a firm carriage that seemed to scream I AM RIGHT, MY ACTIONS JUSTIFIED.  I’ve struggled and fretted and worried and pondered on how this happens.  How could I be so hurt, they feel so glorified and righteous.  Someone has to be RIGHT and someone has to be WRONG…that is the way of the world, right?


At the end of the day, no matter what the action, people have the ability to let THEIR TRUTH become THE truth.  I don’t say good morning.  It offends someone.  They tell me.  The truth is that their feelings were hurt.  In my mind I immediately start justifying….I am not a morning person, they did this (fill in blank) so my reaction was to not speak, why should I have to speak first…on and on and on. At some point My TRUTH becomes THE TRUTH and I convince myself I am not in the wrong.

Politics, political issues, social issues, relegion…each sides truth becomes THE truth and they fail to see anything more. 

No more asking, “how do they sleep at night?’  or ‘how do they look at themselves in the mirror everyday?”  They do because THEIR TRUTH has become THE Truth just like MY truth becomes THE truth be it fact or fiction.



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