This old lady’s got a $10

Not your average old lady shoesThis week I was told that my 2 year old was built just like me. The following description was unnecessarily added, “…ya know with those big, wide, ole hips and everything.” Not being sure how to respond to such a comment I gave my best closed lip smile, a tight nod and ended the conversation.

Last week I was told, “…you are the poster child for what happens to women your age…” my a physician who wasn’t far off ‘my age’. No matter what you have to tell a patient you should never, ever use that phrase. Never. Ever. There are a number of things he could have been talking about. He was, just for clarification, referring to a clinically dry eye situation I am having. Nonetheless….

AthenFest–a huge music festival was held in Athens this past weekend. I didn’t go. Too hot.

Thursday night at the swim meet some sort of bug attacked me and I am obviously having some sort of allergic reaction. Guess that happens to women my age.

Everything that has happened this week has held some degree of lunacy. I loathe to admit that I’ve muttered things that Weezer in ‘Steel Magnolias’ would have been proud of. And yes, again, though I loathe admitting it, I have thought in terms of ‘those kids’, ‘the world today’, ‘back when I…”.

Yes. I am feeling my age this week. I am feeling every bit the middle-aged mother of 3 with her big ole hips, glasses-wearing-dry-eyed bitter old lady.

That will all change at 7:25 tonight. Girls night. All the other middle-age-spread-cranky women I know are gathering to see a movie based solely on the beefcake factor. Shamelessly. I plan on hooting and hollering and laughing and carrying on. Someone at least once tonight is going to think, ‘she’s not acting like a woman her age’. That is my single goal. The song, “it’s ladies night and the feelings right; oh yes, it’s ladies night: oh what a night” is playing in my head. This is not a knock ’em back and tie one on kind of night. It’s a take-my-$10-and-me-watch-some-Matthew Mc-and-some-Channing-Tatum-shirtless kind of night which is just fine by me.

I may be old and dowdy but I don’t have to show it.

I think I’ll wear my shoes.

not your run of the mill middle aged old lady shoes


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