I went to New Hamsphire once

It started innocently enough–friends discussing epitaphs via email.  One thing led to another and poof–out of the blue there was this amazing story involving a museum in a place with lots of apostrophes (so I am assuming a foreign country) and exquisite art.  The story involved once in a lifetime experiences (a blackout in a […]

A weekend of hitches

A whole new meaning to the phrase, “I spent all weekend in the bathroom.” My latest obsession:  re-doing my room in soothing, calm colors.  I’ve been frantically pinning ideas on Pintrest.  I’ve been itching to start the project but have been de-railed my little things such as car accidents, birthdays and such.  This weekend was […]

Get over it

Discombobulated.  Disengaged.  Wacky. There are a variety of ways to describe my current state.  I am sure the actual word used  depends on the person you ask.  My children would probably use the word MEAN.  My husband, well his word of choice might not be printable.  My friends would probably sigh and use a $20 […]

Today at the st…

Today at the stop light I pulled up to a white mini-van.  “Living the mini-van dream” was the ONLY bumper sticker missing from the rear door.  This 5 door, white beauty was pimped out–mom style.  Macaroni art hung from the rear view mirror.  Handprints smeared across the window.  You could almost smell the musty odor […]