A week in Review

The vacation that wasn’t…

School shopping ain’t what it used to be…

Oh the drama…

Where, oh, where has my exercise mojo gone?

Summers End (not Summers Eve) although it feels about the same.


A+ moments, there has to be some…


These are the topic teasers swirling around in my head.  Pick one, any one.  I’ve tried, I really tried but couldn’t narrow it down.   Finally occurred to me that this is my blog and I can use it anyway I want, right.  So, in the hopes that writing will help I am going to write about them all—sorta.

The vacation that wasn’t…

  • Wasn’t what I thought it would be
  • Didn’t include a single walk on the beach
  • Drive there took longer then TOTAL beach time
  • STOP (my brain immediately whispered HAMMER TIME-80’s folks will get that) I could go on but it’s not use.  Let’s skip ahead.

A+ moments in the vacation that wasn’t

  • Cousin time
  • Torrential rains create an Awesome surf
  • No sunburns
  • When else would 5 of us have time to complete an entire jigsaw puzzle?
  • A bad day at the beach is still a day at the beach
  • Grandparents surrounded by all 5 of their grandkids

 School shopping ain’t what is used to be.

I hate the inventor of the clothing line Justice.  Hate with passion.  Extravagantly overpriced clothes that are obnoxiously tacky, sparkly and hoochy.   The time/money/effort spent in picking out a justice outfit should be put to use ANYWHERE else.  How I escaped with only 2 t-shirts and  2 mustache suckers (you don’t even want to know)  is a true miracle.  The hours spent in the store—well—-I can ‘t get those back.  The day consisted of:  a Justice t-shirt, hoochy boots that she paid for herself, a sequin top off a clearance rack, a skirt and a dress.  We still have to shop for colored jeans and shoes.  Help me.  For the record, it does not escape my attention that she got more school clothes during Saturday’s Goodwill trip then she did in the entire 6 hour shopping spree on Friday.  For less.  Much less. 

 My 12- year- old wanted Nike gym shorts, calf length black Nike gym socks and a few form fitting, athletic Nike tops.  He got:  a –shirt that read ‘just add bacon’ (his choice), a shirt of my choice and a pair of white cargo shorts.  That took 6 hours.  6.  Convincing him took the first half and after I finally wore him down, the finding of the appropriate clothes took the other half.  I relented and got him the black socks but only because he found them cheaper then the ones in the sporting good store and at that point I was too tired to argue. 

 A+ moment in school shopping

  • I got to spend the day with my oldest.
  • My son went along and was downright pleasant.
  • I discovered that they comforter I want doesn’t exist.
  • There is a good chance he will actually wear what we got rather then just buying it and hiding it in his closet.

Oh the drama—-We will save that particular topic for another day.

 Exercise Mojo

For a week or two I had it going on.  Then ‘zup’ there it went.  Now I have to start all over.  Sigh.  The mere thought makes my want to cry.  I need some inspiration. I need some umph.  I hate excercising. Hate sweating.  Hate jiggling where I should jiggle.  Hate panting.  Hate gym shorts.  Hate cardio.  Hate being weak.  Hate.

A+ moment

I have some cool new tennis shoes.  Yep, that is it.  That is all the positive-ness I have on the exercise topic.

Summers End

I had such big plans for the summer.  We had a summer list all written out on our cute little kitchen chalk board.  Picnics, day trips, lemonade stands, laser shows….didn’t do a single one.  Now school starts in 2 days.  2 Days.  Sure it’s still August but once school starts that summer vibe fades and summer type fun just isn’t the same.


Yes, I know all caps is screaming in the computer world.  Read on and you’ll see why I elected to use all caps.

I want a new bedroom awash in calming, soothing colors and I am driving myself beserk trying to create my little oasis.   I’ve shopped up and down the east coast trying to find my ideal comforter.  It doesn’t seem to exist.  I’ve enlisted my 9-year old in my quest.  She finds the tackiest, most garish comforters she can finds and holds them up for my opinion.  Of course my opinions typically hurt her feelings.  At the end of this weekend after seeing hundreds of comforters and having to find creative ways to tell my Disillusioned Diva that I didn’t want fuschia, funky, peace signs, neon or metallics I finally snapped.  In the middle of TJ MAXX I melted down.  “I WANT CALMING COLORS!” I shouted.  Did I mention that this was the grand opening of a TJ MAXX on the Sunday before school started?  There were literally 6 women in the bedding aisle.  Thousands (without exaggerating) thousands of people where in the store.  It was uncontrolled, mass chaos.  I can only imagine their thoughts as I stood in the middle of the aisle screaming for CALMING COLORS. 

A+ moment

Pintrest and I have a plan, not the originally plan, but a plan none-the-less.  Implementing it may be another blog entry.  I love Pintrest.


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