Which is best?

Our NYC trip warrants a blog.  Hmmm…which of these warrants mentioning as the ‘best part of the trip?


Seeing a Zombie flash mob in Union Square?

Meeting Michael Phelps as we were lost in Penn Station?

Stumbling across the Hi-Line in Chelsea?

The 2 hour wait to buy a $7.00 Lobster Claw pastry at Carlo’s Bakery or biting into said lobster claw and realizing it was the best thing you had ever eaten?

Mastering the art of folding, and eating, NY style pizza?

WTC.  Coming home and realizing one of your pictures has the shadow of the new WTC across the plaque of names from those that didn’t survive the falling of the first tower?

Chelsea market?

Talking to a real live ‘goomba’ in Little Italy trying to entice us into their restaurant?

Having Colton yell, “Hey-ya, Imma walkin hey-uh” every time a horn honked at an intersection.

Street pretzels.

Successfully navigating via the NYC subway and the NJ PATH train.

Walking the Brooklyn Bridge in the middle of the NYC Kidney walk.

The counter man at Mood giving Kinsley a free tote bag because it was her birthday.

Finding a street food fair in Madison Square…if only we had been hungry.

Letting Colton eat a piece of real NY Cheesecake at Junior’s at Time Square.

The NYC public library; which Colton and Kinsley found fascinating.







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