It’s been a Monday all day long

Let’s just sum up the day using actual phrases:

  • Don’t rub that into your belly!
  • Mom, you did remember that we don’t have school tomorrow, right.  Uh-no.
  • Oh we got out of the bathtub when she tee-teed in it.
  • Well, Sadie had to stand in the corner today for trying to choke out her friend.
  • It’s not really like failing.  It’s just an F.
  • I did eat them…see…I ate the tips off each end.  I just don’t like eating the middle.  They were green beans.
  • I know I can’t play video games during the week but since there isn’t school tomorrow tonight doesn’t count.  Uh-yes it does. Refer to the whole F versus failing conversation.
  • Don’t worry about that low gas light–it will be okay.
  • Being in the bathtub and suddenly having 3 children in there talking.  What they were saying wasn’t as relevant as the fact that they were in there.  The bathroom.  Talking.  While I was in the tub.
  • I know it’s not yours but could you….
  • Oh…were you at lunch…sorry. Hey, real quick would you….
  • E-mailing a teacher to understand and getting this reply, “Maybe we should meet.  In person.  How is tomorrow for you?”
  • No Mama. I want Daddy. (Never mind, that one worked in my favor).
  • Phil, “where is my pineapple?” Sadie, “trash.  I no want.”  She didn’t want it so she threw away the whole thing.
  • “The dishes are clean. I ran the dishwasher.”  I hold up a part.  A serious part.  Of the dishwasher.  “Oh”.  
  • After 20 minutes…How much have you gotten done? A sentence.  One?  
  • No Kinsley.  You can’t play video games while Colton “watches”. Even if it was his idea.  This was the 4th approach to try and figure out a way to get to play a game.  Too bad the paper wasn’t on ‘ways to get your mom to let you play’–that would have garnered more than 1 sentence in 20 minutes.
  • Oh…you said I don’t get my ITouch back until my grades are up.  You didn’t say my phone and my ITouch so I thought that meant I got my phone back.  Electronics have been off limits since Thursday.  At what point in the conversation regarding F’s, teachers meetings or 20minute sentences did you hear that you got ANYTHING back. Seriously.
  • MAAAMMMMA!  A day off school is meant to be fun.  A break.  A day off.  NOT a day having to like CLEAN a room.  You totally don’t get it.
  • “Mama LOOK!  Pin-ses manjamas.”  It’s a tulle tu-tu and a size 6 birthday shirt.  
  • Mom.  It’s an agriculture project.  It doesn’t have anything to do with actually planting.
  • Mom can you look over this math….I heard the word integer and negative and felt hives forming.
  • The calorie counter on the weight loss program reading “You have 96 calories remaining from your suggested daily intake”.  It’s lunch time and I hadn’t entered the coffee with creamer yet.  
  • Seeing same weight loss program using the O word.  No, not that one.

Happy Monday!


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