2 wrongs don’t make a right

Simple  parenting advice from my parents. I’ve heard it, I’ve said it.  It’s one of those simple golden rules that pops in  your head when you are faced with making a bad decision and it’s one of those simple lessons you try to teach your children when you can’t tell them the right thing to do but you hope they do the right thing.

That phrase has been swirling around my head since Friday.  2 wrongs don’t make a right.  In some cases 1 wrong and 1 right don’t add up to much either.

Wrong:  my daughter has never been acknowledged by the people who gave birth to my husband.  Parents…nah, can’t really use that term since they invited him to change his name and have disowned him.  Why?  Best we can figure it’s because we named our daughter Sadie.  No kidding.  We thought that was pretty dumb too so we made an attempt to take her to see them.  Only to have HER leave town so as to not see us.  Well then.  She’s WRONG and we tried to do right.

Or there was the time about 18-months after she was born that the man lived in Phil’s house when he was a child saw our girl for the first time.   Nope.  Never acknowledged her.  Guess he was too busy planning his next Obama rant or researching his family tree from the beginning of time to pay attention to the newest branch in the family tree.  WRONG.  When my husband tried to right that he was invited to change his name.


Needless to say, the whole ordeal has left me pretty angry and a LOT bitter.   A few days ago we got a nicely framed print of the original brothers and sisters and the parents from one of the sisters.  I won’t hang it.  Wrong?  Probably.  Will my wrong make anything right?  No.  But to be quite honest, I don’t really care.  Some wrongs can’t be righted.

Anyone need a frame?


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