Monday socks

Are you really going to show the world your socks? Well, first of all-it’s hardly the world.  At most maybe 5 of you will read this and experience my shame.  Secondly, sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words and lastly, well-it is what it is. My day started like this:  2 different trouser socks. […]

Didn’t see that one coming

This isn’t my first rodeo.  In the 13 years spanning my 2 year old experiences I have learned a thing or two.  Or maybe I’ve just learned to let things slide. “Sadie hit a friend today.”  No more shame, worry, fear of being thought of as a bad mother.  My new response, “Was she provoked?” […]

It is the little things

Gratitude is a funny thing. Sure, we all remember to say THANKS for the big things that happen to us.  We are all appreciative when GRAND things happen but sometimes, those tiny, little bitty, every day ‘things’ happen and we never once give them the thanks they deserve.   I am thankful that my husband knows […]