Didn’t see that one coming

This isn’t my first rodeo.  In the 13 years spanning my 2 year old experiences I have learned a thing or two.  Or maybe I’ve just learned to let things slide.

“Sadie hit a friend today.”  No more shame, worry, fear of being thought of as a bad mother.  My new response, “Was she provoked?”

“Sadie’s emergency panties had holes in them so we didn’t put them on her.”  Sadie stands there in a diaper.  “I not a baby.” she accuses.  Hey, my underwear have holes in them.  I still wear them.

“Sadie didn’t have weather appropriate emergency clothes,” they tell me as I see her come walking up like a cowboy that’s been trail riding for 12 days straight.  Jogging pants 3 sizes too small will make you walk that way.  “Weather appropriate?  Really?”  Bet she would have much rather been in that cute SHORT SLEEVE dress with fishy’s on it then to have her size 4T chunky body crammed into those 18month old jogging pants!  But hey…rules are rules.

“Sadie must have been proud of her lions because times she lifted her dress today to show her friends.”  Well hell….she’s probably proud that these didn’t have HOLES in them.

Today.  Well, today’s report had me…well…even now I stumble trying to find the words to describe my reaction to today’s REPORT.  It went something like this, “Today during potty time I peeked in and well…Sadie…” pause “Well, Sadie was standing up.”  I must have looked puzzled because I got a demonstration.  Feet shoulder length apart.  Hands on hips which are tipped slightly forward.



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