My new BFF-the Crock-Pot

Move over diamonds, this girl has a new best friend…the crock-pot.

 Seriously, diamonds are pretty to look at but the don’t offer much in the way of help when you walk in the door at 6p with a melting down, hungry 2 year old, a cranky pre-teen and a ravenous teenager who has 15 minutes to eat before heading back out the door for swim practice. 

 The Crock Pot is not so pretty to look at but my-oh-my how sweet it is to bust into the door to the aroma of cooked food.  After working all day I scurry to the daycare where my 2 ½ year old has learned the phrase ‘what’s for dinner?”  She’s easy enough to distract.  Pick up the elementary child who has starting asking, “what’s for dinner?” before she has both feet in the car.  In all fairness she does eat lunch at 10:50AM and it’s now 5:40PM.  Before I can get us on the road by teenage son has texted, “what’s for dinner?”  Frazzled I text him back—tell the 2 year old to look for a plane and answer the 10 year old.  Of course I say, “eye-dee-kay” and text “dhehhthehl” because I am attempting to drive while answering everyone.  Of course neither answer is appropriate so the guessing game starts all over.  It’s a few minutes before I get it right…IDK gets texted to the son and the verbal version gets spoken to the 10 year old. 

 Arrive home.  Grab protesting toddler out of the car seat.  Sling small suitcase aka THE PURSE over the shoulder.  Pick up lunch box, school artwork, toddler jacket and the bag of ‘opps clothes’ from daycare and struggle in the door.  Met with, “Hi Mom.  What’s for dinner?”  As if I’ve magically developed a meal plan in the 15-minute drive.  Toddler is squirming and the armload of crap I’ve been holding is slipping and my son is blocking the doorway. 

 Get past son with a spin move that would impress a NFL running back.  Deposit child on her feet and sling other items onto the counter.  Including-GROSS- the opps clothes.  Remedy that situation quickly by rushing into the laundry room.  It’s 7 steps away but by the time I make it back into the kitchen I have to step over a tantrum throwing child and grab by older daughter by the back of the shirt to keep her from climbing into the pantry to reach the candy on the top shelf.  Son is saying he’s starving and has to leave for swim practice in 20 minutes, daughter is now pouting and baby girl is howling for food.  Inevitably I shout, “I just walked in the door—give me a second.” 

 At this point the diamond on my left hand is of no worth to me.  Enter my new BFF—the crock-pot.  Thanks to my new BFF I can avert all (or most) of the drama.  Chicken simmering in Italian dressing and spices all ready to be shredded for—enter any number of entrees HERE.  Ahh….the joy.  Thanks to my little friend I can shred some chicken, throw it in a tortilla which some cheese and send my swimmer out the door for a burrito.  Throw some raisins to the girls as I make some rice to feed the rest of us.  In 20 minutes we are eating and happy.  Yep, a crock-pot is truly a mom’s best friend.  And it is the gift that keeps on giving.  Thanks to the Kroger split breast chicken sale and my large capacity crock-pot I have enough shredded chicken for a week.

 Like my mama says, “You should use a crock pot—you’d love it.”  She was right (again).


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