Sure, you can but will you and should you?

Sign on a booth at craft fair:  Sure you CAN make it but WILL you? Add the phrase…AND should you make it…and well–you sorta have me pegged.

I needed a new curtain for my office.  “I can make that,” I say.  What in the heck made me think that is WAY beyond comprehension.  I am still reading the instructions on how the thread my Black Friday sewing machine and I decide to tackle a curtain.  A curtain, really?  Not only a certain but a certain with a horizontal pattern that has to be matched in the front and chevron stripe that should have been matched in the back.  Should I have attempted to make it?  Not no but HECK no.

Said sewing machine is still sitting on the kitchen table because I saw instructions for a skirt I just have to have.  One look and I thought, “I can do that.”    Elastic, layers of ruffles and no button….I got this.  Someday.  Maybe.  We’ll see if that project ends up on the NAILED IT (Pintrest flops) list.  Can I?  I don’t know, I think I can.  Will I?  I don’t know but it is cute and I am in need of a skirt to wear with my boots….Should I make it?  Jury is out on that one.  I’ll let you know if and when I ever get started.

Speaking of ruffles-I need some new throw pillows.  “I can make those.”  Saw the cutest knock-off  ‘do it yourself’ pillows and thought, “I can do that!”.   Reason # 2 why the sewing machine is still on the kitchen table.  I don’t have the fabric, the pillow forms but by God I have the idea.  Maybe I should tackle the ruffled pillows prior to the skirt.  That would be the logical way of doing this but when it comes to projects I don’t always do things the logical way.

Bought the cutest dress for my toddler the other day.  Took one look at the simple frock and thought, “I can so do that.”  Um hmm…and as soon as I get fabric, learn how to sew and have a few odd hours to myself I am going to do it.  Really.  I am.

After writing this I thought to myself…”Self.  What’s stopping you?  Do it.  Quit talking about it and DO it.”  So I tried and true to form I want straight for the…wait for it…SKIRT.  I sat down determined to crank out a petticoat skirt.  3 hours later I have a mess.  I have the shell of a skirt.  I have 5 yards of peusdo-ruffles.  I have 15 strips of fabric.  I do not, however, have a skirt that can be worn tomorrow (yes, that was the plan).      Sigh.  Can I do it?  It’s not looking so good.  Will I do it?  Uh…refer to the CAN. The bigger question-SHOULD I do it? No.  I should not.  I should erase the phrase “I can do that” from my vocabulary.


One thought on “Sure, you can but will you and should you?

  1. We are part of an entire generation that was destroyed in Pretty in Pink. Molly chewed on the end of a pencil, sat down at a sewing machine, and stood up 3 minutes later with a prom dress. I got mine for my 16th birthday – made one skirt, and gave it away.

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