Wednesday musings

Wednesday Observations

  • There are some really, really cool jobs out there!  Marketing the FBI, Wine Importer, Product Tester (insert fun food here), blogger…there are people out there who’s job and job title is BLOGGER.
  • Hot pink pants and pigtails are super cute when you are 3.
  • Pink pants
  • Everyone needs a pick-me-up now and then…even those folks that you would never suspect.
  • Confidence, like children, needs to be feed. Often.
  • It’s time for a trip. I need to brush off the dust and see something new, do something fun and break out of my ordinary.
  • When someone ask for your opinion-they don’t always REALLY want it.
  • Transition is hard at any age.  No matter if it’s a 2 year old moving to 3-year-old classroom, new responsibilities, or letting go of something to grasp onto something new.  Even those exciting changes have hard moments.
  • Transition can be exciting.  If you can look past and fight the fear there are nuggets of joy hidden in every change.  The secret is the find the nuggets and hold on tight.
  • Sometimes you just have to do.  Go forward.  Forge a new trail. Write a new ending.
  • 5-gallons-o-crazy in a 3 gallon bucket is an applicable phrase for a LOT OF FOLKS.
  • Those silly white lines—they mean something and are not merely suggestions.  Not staying in those white lines causes havoc for others.  Ever tried to coerce a 3 year old into a car seat from the passenger side of the car because some moron had parked so close to your car that you couldn’t even open the door???
  • Those aren't suggestions?
  • If you are crazy so is that little voice in your head.
  • Never, ever underestimate the power of coffee.
  • It’s not the dryer and my clothes HAVEN’T shrunk.
  • Not everyone that is ‘busy’ has a lot to do.
  • Yellow flowers just make everything feel better.
  • That tickling in the back of your throat—might want to pay attention to that.
  • kids have a 50/50 chance of getting their shoes on the right feet-how is it that they ALWAYS get it wrong?

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