How bad was YOUR day?

hat turned sideways-he didn't see he was the smallest, he just thought he was the coolest

hat turned sideways-he didn’t see he was the smallest, he just thought he was the coolest

There is an obscure Kenny Rogers song that talks of a little boy tossing a baseball up and trying to hit it. Each time he swings he misses. Toss, swing, strike.  Toss, swing, strike.  On and on.  At the end you expect the boy to be dejected but instead he is triumphant.  He didn’t see it as not hitting the ball, he saw that his tosses couldn’t be hit. He was the BEST PITCHER EVER!

Funny how looking at things from another angle or another view can change the whole perspective.

I was reminded of that song tonight when my son announced that the re-mix song he just created on his free app was THE BEST SONG EV-VER.  My retort,”It’s your FIRST song EVER.”  Luckily I didn’t say it.  I had a perspective changing conversation over drinks tonight that helped me to keep  my mouth shut.  I was  lamenting about a long,  hard awful day where nothing went right and everything I was asked I didn’t know the answer to.  My friend nodded and sympathized.  I brushed off the dirt of the day and asked what about her day led her to happy hour with me.  So she told me.  If you ever, ever, ever think you’ve had a bad day talk to a palliative Care Nurse.  My bad days means I can’t answer a question or that I worked through lunch.   Her bad day means someone died or someone had to make some very difficult decisions involving the death or dying of someone they loved.It wasn’t long at all before my day seemed glorious.  Different perspective.

It’s a random mix of messages, I know.  If felt a little random to me tonight too.

I’m semi-rolling my eyes at my son who has such a confidence level that, in his mind, everything he does or attempts to do ROCKS. First track practice ever?  Killed it.  Outran everyone.  First long jump try?  BUSTED it.  I quote, “I had no idea that I could be that good.”  He watched a movie this week that had a DJ in it. He came home fired up to make re-mixes. He found a few free apps, cranked out a tune, started his own radio station and is strutting around as a musical genius.  I was tempted to poo-pah his zest and inject a little reality into his little celebrating when I stopped.  The earlier conversation and my shifting perspective from the previous conversation rang in my mind.  Instead of questioning his new talent I asked him to play me his song. And I listened.

As I was watching him dance around the den with his mac-daddy headphones on I could hear that song about that little boy playing baseball echoing in my ears.   I thought of the soccer dad who watched his son play a horrible game and was all ready to console his distraught son as he came running off the fields.  Instead the little fellow hugged him and said, “I WAS GREAT.”  The dad looked confused and shocked while the little boy pumped his fist in the air and ran off to tell his mom about how great he was.  Same game, different perspective.

My perspective changed a little tonight.  It’s not a straight-line life lesson.  I don’t know how to articulate the parallels of the perspective changing conversation and the confidence of my fellow. I do know that I am happy that tonight my teen-age sons perspective is that life is good and that he is awesome.  I am happy that our children see the best and the brightest of things when the adults see life through tired eyes and tend to see the negative or the REAL side of things.

Tonight I am watching my little family in their Friday night routines with happier perspective then I would have had I not had that conversation with my friend.  I am going to see the positive side of my night instead of wallowing in the things that I see as bad.  I am going to let my son be the hippest-baddest-funkiest-DJ ever.  I am going to let my daughter strut around as the Wii champion after we play a game.  Tonight I am going to try to see things from their perspective.


One thought on “How bad was YOUR day?

  1. What I love about having a kid is that you are reminded of what your brain looked like before the layers of sediment accumulated on it. That your brain was deeply involved in seeing the good / strong things naturally.

    Also. Your friend is groovy. 🙂

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