The Joy of Twirling

There is so much to love about this picture.

A few of my favorite things

A few of my favorite things

I love that my husband took it.

I love Sadie’s smile.

I love that her hair is falling all over her face because, well, that’s just HER.

I love the zaniness of the outfit.  She woke up wanting to be a princess.  Kinsley took her into her room and let her pick out anything she wanted.  She wanted the Christmas dress with the net crinoline.  It was Sunday…why not?  I love that her big sister dressed her. I love that she wanted to be a girlie-girl and I love that she toddled around all day dressed up.

In mounds and piles of clothes that were strown about as I got ready for a consignment sale she spotted this dress.    “Ohhhh…awt-tume (awesome),” she said.  Her Daddy slipped the dress over her head right on top of the Christmas dress and she immediately began to twirl.  I didn’t find the moment so magically as she knocked over my mounds and piles of clothes.    Later we discovered that it was 70 degrees outside so we took a break from the sorting and tagging and hanging to meander to the yard.  In the midst of playing in the backyard my sweet hubby captured this sweet moment.

I love that her fat little arms are thrown wide.

I love that she still has the baby indentions where her big girl knuckles will soon be.

I love that crease in her wrist where her chunky hand meets her chubby arm.

I love that she is barefoot.

I love that she twirled and twirled and twirled until she couldn’t walk straight.  And even then she twirled some more.

I love that mid-twirl she would stop and do a roll.  Hands on the ground, head down and whoop-she would flip to land flat on her back and she would laugh and laugh.  Or that she tried to do cartwheels.  For her that meant splaying her hands on the ground while lifting one leg high off the ground while the other stayed planted. She didn’t actually leave the ground but I don’t think she knows that.

I love that being dizzy didn’t deter her.

I love that seeing this picture makes me remember her deep belly laugh that belayed  pure joy and happiness as she spun around, around and around the yard.

I love that she would spin and fall down and laugh that much harder.

And they all fall down!

And they all fall down!

I love how happy she is.

I love the curls in her pony-tail and the way the sun makes her hair almost blonde.

I love her big cheeks.  I love that just after this I got to kiss her sweet, soft cheeks over and over and over.

I love that big, chunk-a-monka leg that sticks out from under her dress.  She was born with big cheeks and roly-poly little legs-seeing them reminds me that she’s not quite finished being a toddler.  Soon she’ll lose her toddling ways but not on this day.

I love that she is so carefree at that moment.

I love that we were so carefree watching her.  In those minutes I wasn’t thinking of the chores that needed doing or the errands I needed to run.  I was thinking of her and only her and savoring the moment.  I don’t do that a lot.

I love that she ran, head down, hands balled into fist and crooked right by her side with a look of concentration from me to her daddy and back again.

I love that she found a softball, picked it up and immediately rared back to send it flying.  Legs shoulder width apart, torso leaned back, arm at a 90 degree angle with the hand holding the ball right at her ear. She’s been watching her Daddy practice with her sister.  She looked like a pro—until she actually threw it and it went sideways.  “I dit it” she said and scampered over to the ball.

I love the way she cups her little hands together like a cradle and says, “Throw Daddy. I catch it.”

I love that when she gets tired of running she switches to galloping.

My favorite pictures aren’t the ones where everyone is dolled up and dressed up.  No, my favorite pictures are the ones that capture the moment, the feelings and the true nature of my little ones.  This is sure to be my favorite for years and years to come.


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