A letter to my Son

Dear Son, Being in the7th grade you hear a lot about what you ‘aren’t’.  From friends, from former friends, from adults…it’s a hard age.  It is easy to lose your way or lose yourself hearing about what you ‘aren’t all the time.      I want to tell you about all that you are: You are my […]

Weekend take-aways

Some ‘take-aways’ from my weekend: After picking up the same stack of books 4 times in 20 minutes it occurred to me that I should just accept that my house will not be clean for another 17 years and to deal with that accordingly. The Twilight Breaking Dawn part 2 movie was offered to be […]

A Mom’s gotta do what a Mom’s gotta do

A mom’s gotta do what a mom’s do…. Tonight that included: “Mom-did you remember that I had to be a pig tomorrow for relay for life?” The 15 minute fight that ensued as 2 stubborn, have to be right girls went toe-to-toe at the dinner table. It was actually a 3 minute fight but with […]