If I knew I couldn’t fail

  • What would you do if you knew you could not fail?
  • What do you want to DO, to be?
  • If you could do anything what would you be doing?
  • What is your dream job?

Every January these questions pop up in my work related internet sites. Everyone is encouraging one another to take risks, to dream big, to do what they’ve always wanted to do.  I’ve spent weeks wondering what I would do if I knew I could not fail. Because I don’t have enough to worry about I had started worrying because I didn’t have a concrete dream.  I didn’t know WHAT I wanted to be or to do when I grew up.

Now I know.

It’s actually something I’ve dreamt of since I was a little girl.  I never wanted to be a doctor or an astronaut.  I didn’t want to be a nurse or a chef.  My dream job?  I wanted to be a circus lady.   After the birthday adventure this weekend I have re-committed to my original career goal.  My life is a three-ring circus anyway…might as well get to wear those really cool costumes.

Ahh…the lights, the spangles and the sequins.  The Ohhs and Ahhs and you flip, twirl, careen and fly.  How exactly does one figure out that they can twirl by their hair 3 stories above ground? How many circus acts started at a redneck party with someone handing over their red solo cup to their buddy and saying, “WATCH THIS.  You ain’t gonna believe this…”   The ladder, the teeter board and the man flying thru the air in a recliner…that seriously SCREAMS of a big, ole Bubba and his buddy at the lake,  Do you think the women in the body hugging, spangles was trying to escape a fire when she originally wrapped herself in a white sheet and rolled her way down?

High-heeled, show girls sashayed from out  behind  a red velvet curtain and the crowd gasp as her silver sequins caught the light.  Her plume of red feathers swished like windshield wipers and she made her way to center ring.  With the grace of a gazelle she twirled and twisted and mesmerized us all with her lithe figure.  In a single  flick of her long, graceful arm her co-performer bent and lifted her high into the air ON HIS NOSE and flipped her onto his back.  How cool would it be to get paid to slip into something slinky and showy and ride on an elephant as a JOB?

THIS is work?

THIS is work?

When I was taking typing and English Literature I should have been taking classes in elephant riding, hair twirling and swinging.   This whole 8a-5p thing is overrated when you consider that these folks get to PLAY all day.  Yep, if I knew I couldn’t fail I think I’d go back to my 5-year-old dream and become a CIRCUS lady.  Whew…one less thing to worry about.



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