Weekend take-aways

Some ‘take-aways’ from my weekend:

  • After picking up the same stack of books 4 times in 20 minutes it occurred to me that I should just accept that my house will not be clean for another 17 years and to deal with that accordingly.
  • The Twilight Breaking Dawn part 2 movie was offered to be at .50cents from RedBox.   I am glad I didn’t pay any more then that.
  • My 13-year old was downright pleasant all weekend.  He coached his sister in softball w/o a TONE, he joined the family for outside time w/o sulking.  He led both sisters in outside yoga (hahaha) and later wrestled with both.  He voluntarily picked up all their toys in the backyard AND was good natured about it.  I hugged him and told him I had missed him.  He gave me my special 1/2 smile and hugged be back, kissed the top of my head (I was sitting down) and told me he missed me too.  My heart melted.
  • There is a reason GOD made it so women had children at a young age.  That reason is 3.
3 means thinking you are all that AND a bag of chips

3 means thinking you are all that AND a bag of chips


  • Someone recently complimented me on letting Kinsley be who Kinsley is and told me that I was raising a strong, independent daughter who would be a strong, unique and independent adult.  Those words echoed in my head when she picked out WHITE glasses from the adult section.  UGH.  Her face fell and she said, “You don’t like them do you?”. This was a teaching moment.  “I don’t like them. I don’t like them AT all,” (and I wonder where she gets her brutal honesty from). “But…and understand that you aren’t likely to hear this from me many times…it doesn’t really matter what I think.  If you like them, if you will wear them everyday and if you feel confident in them then it doesn’t matter what I think, what your friends think or what anyone else thinks.  You have to be you and you have to be proud of you.  If those glasses are  you and you like them then to heck what anyone else thinks.”  She beamed.  She got her glasses.  Yesterday she thanked me no less then 15 times.  Both for the glasses and the lesson.  I’ll take that.
The glasses

The glasses


  • 3 year old birthday portraits are not easy to take.
  • The question, “What is for dinner?” Drives me crazy.  The response, “Yucky” when I answer that question is never, ever the right thing to say.
  • I am not good a grocery shopping.
  • Ringlets make me inanely happy.

    I love these curls.

    I love these curls.

  • Warm spring evenings and a chilly adult beverage with a slice of orange make me happy too.
  • If I ever met the author of “Gossie and Gertie” I might hit them.
  • My daughter learned to draw circles.  Every piece of paper and multiple smooth surfaces in our house are now adorned with circles.  In sharpie.
  • Houdini himself could not get into a sports bra after NOT successfully drying off after a shower.
  • Sometimes you just gotta paint your toe-nails even if it’s not yet sandal season.
  • Our sink is never going to be free of dishes for more then 15 minutes.
  • The amount of snot produced by a 3 year old with allergies is mind-boggling.
  • There is a 50-50 chance Sadie will get her rain boots on the right feet yet she never does.  She must never go to Vegas.
  • Although 3 is exhausting, frustrating and irritating it is always amazing to have an entire conversation with your toddler.  The hear them be funny and know they are being funny.  To give you back your own words in the tone-of-voice that is appropriate and to hear their innocent and oh-so-honest take on things.  Except when the 3 year old says, “DAMN right,” with a head bob and a fist bump at the dinner table.  Opps.
  • I have no business wearing shorts but I am wearing them anyway.
  • Buying a fat-lady bathing suit, even when it’s got polka-dots is a heart breaking and humbling experience.
  • Red-Velvet cookies rock.
  • I like to shop.
  • That age where they are trying to give up naps but they really, really still need them….Yeah.
oh sweet nap time

oh sweet nap time

  • I miss the days when “spring break” applied to me.
  • I am hankering for a trip and Seattle is screaming my name.
  • It’s time for a visit to the hairdresser.
  • Everyone gets cranky without down time.
  • I hate our backyard.
  • Remember when you thought playing baseball or softball required a glove and a ball.  Those days are GONE.
  • I want my children to be proud of me.  I want them to see me try, to succeed, to hear my admit my faults and to stand strong for what I believe in.  I want them to swing and miss but to swing again until I hit the ball.  I want to make them laugh and to see me laugh. I don’t mind if see me cry as long as they see me dry my tears and find  solution for what made me cry.  I want them to see me love them.  I don’t mind saying NO as long as they understand it’s for a reason.  I also like to be able to say YES sometimes.  I enjoy their company and genuinely like being with them.  This weekend was a normal-common-everyday weekend but there is something pretty special sometimes about those normal-common-everyday weekend.

What did you learn this weekend?





4 thoughts on “Weekend take-aways

  1. Not so much I learned, as I remembered. In October 30 degrees is hot chocolate and big blankets temperature. In March it is “grab the soccer ball we are going to the park” weather.

  2. I saw you and Kinsley at the Redbox at Racetrack on Saturday. I wasn’t sure if it was y’all or not – I didn’t recognize Kinsley’s glasses! I didn’t want to make a fool of myself by speaking and then it being some other mother-daughter duo. Tell Kinsley I think she’s rocking those glasses. 🙂

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