Overachiever I am not

I’ve never been an overachiever. Ever. I achieve at best. Until it comes to team treats and then I lose my freakin’ mind. I spend WWWWAAAAAYYYYY more energy then I should. I fret and worry and think and re-think. I over think and over plan and over worry. O try to out-do…..who or what I am trying to out-do is beyond me. You would think there was a damn crown for BEST TEAM TREATS. There isn’t. There are no bonus points or merit badges for over the top team treats. Truth be told….I doubt anyone cares.

I was asked to be “swim meet goodie bag” team mom. It’s a big meet. Northeast Regional meet. Our little swim team is taking more swimmers then ever before so it’s kind of a big deal. I worried about these goodie bags like we were headed to the Olympics! The only thing stopping me was $.

First step, dispatch photographer husband to taken pictures. 36 individual swimmer portraits. I had grand designs for a team picture that I was going to become team poster but in the 3 days I had to assemble said goodie bags not everyone of the 36 swimmers could be at the same place at the same time.

Colton's way of saying "really mom?"

Colton’s way of saying “really mom?”

Poster out. Individual portrait in. In addition to: custom made water bottle labels. Yes. We took the labels off bottles of water and re-attached custom printed team labels. Why? Exactly. “Oh and the picture…its great BUT….it would be better if you added the swim team logo and meet name to each one, dear.” No, I didn’t say dear but I did uh-hmm encourage my more talented 1/2 to add a little oopppmhh to each picture. Yes. Each picture.

Meanwhile back in crazy-ville, we bagged up goldfish with hand printed sayings about, “swim like a fish.” Again….the point would be? We attached labels to noise makers and encouraged them to ROCK THE POOL via labels on pop rock candy. Oversized pixie sticks and Mardi Gras beads round out the little bag.

Oh but I wasn’t done. Kinsley and I spent hours taping and tying and curling ribbons. We sprinkled confetti-some of which actually made it into the bags…most of which is all over my kitchen floor. Sunburst or stars with each swimmers name jauntily dangles from ribbons curled ‘just so’.

Why? Why do I do this to myself? The finished project was much, much cooler in my head then in actuality. The swimmers? Which one EXACTLY is going to care about ORCA water?

There is a reason I’ve never been an overachiever….I am just not good at it.

The goodie bags

The goodie bags


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