TOO much

This week! Before any of you grammar tyrants roll your eyes—the previous 2 words are MEANT to be a sentence. A complete sentence accented by just the right punctuation.

This week I went into survival mode. This week was about making it. No extra style points, no extra credit for effort of panache. This was a down and dirty GET THRU IT WEEK.

This week consisted of:

  • too much drama
  • too much work and not enough time
  • too much same ole, same ole, same ole
  • too much crankiness and GUMPINESS (that’s the 3 year olds explanation of the mood)
  • too many plans and not enough action
  • too much to do and not enough to do it with
  • too much soon but not enough NOW
  • there was too many adults acting with less maturity then my 10-year-old
  • too much “wah-wa-wah” and not enough “get ‘er done”
  • there was too much beyond my control
  • this week everyone was bickering and complaining and whining and finger-pointing
  • this week just got on my nerves
  • too many little things just pissed me off and some big things just made me sad
  • too many people trying to spell TEAM with an ” I” and then getting irritated with the letters didn’t work
  • too much “i work harder then you do” mentalities
  • to do list were too long and energy was too sparse
  • this week was everyone asking, “so…where/what are you doing for spring break” and me answering, “spring break hasn’t applied to me for 15 years”
  • This was one of those weeks with I looked every year of my age and I knew it.
  • This was one of those weeks where I felt every ounce of my extra pounds but didn’t do a darn thing about it.
  • this week went by too quickly and drug on-and-on at the same time.
  • best laid plans didn’t happen and worse case scenarios were the norm this week.
  • This week was one of those weeks where you just plain feel sorry for yourself and then get mad at yourself when you realize that your problems are all miniscule compared to others.

And now this week is over.  Finished.  Complete.  The work week part anyway.  The weekend.  I am determined to salvage some of the weekend.  I have an adult beverage to help.  I am letting my angst out here and I had lunch today with girlfriends who were having similar weeks that listened but then gave advice that was pretty much, “suck it up buttercup” or “pull up your big girl panties, slap on some lipstick and deal with it.”  I love girlfriends who take you for the grump that you are and are able to wade thru the wah-wah’s and aren’t afraid to say, “you don’t yet?” when the whining gets to be too much.

So…my week sucked.  It’s over.  I have 2 options:  let it go or…..never mind.  I am just going to pretend I have the one option. I am going to shake out my tail feathers, sit a spell and just let it go.


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