What do you blog about at 6:30a on Saturday?

It’s early.  6:30a on a Saturday morning that I could have slept in but didn’t because….well….because.  Coffee’s not done, house is quiet.  I can’t seem to quit thinking so I am going to at least get something out of these racing thoughts while the coffee brews and I have to get this day started.

Things I don’t like:

  • Being awake on a Saturday morning when all the conditions are PERFECT for sleeping in.
  • Getting a new start only to be anchored down by the old way.
  • A quiet house, a dark-chilly morning, cozy covers and NOT being able to sleep.
  • Having GREAT ideas but not having the time to implement them or having the time only to be out of great and creative ideas.
  • A compliment that later has you wondering…was that REALLY a good thing?
  • Second-third-fourth and fifth guessing that first decision.
  • Bullying in all it’s forms. Adults are not immune.
  • Being bogged down in not-so-fun-stuff and literally NOT having a moment to do the lighter-fun-more rewarding things.
  • Knowing that I am not good at the things that matter everyday and thinking that the things I am good out are only menial and that others do them way better.
  • Knowing you need to be creative but getting ZIP, nada, zero ideas.
  • Spending the time you are not doing something thinking about time you have to be doing it.
  • Being comfortable enough with a person to barge in and say, “I need a minute”.
  • Un-necessary drama.  Drama for drama’s sake.  Posturing.

Things I like:

  • Being a little sore from exercising.
  • Friends who give a damn and who gather the forces when one of the troops needs a boost.
  • Working a Plan.
  • Quilts.
  • Having a friend see a positive out of a negative and knowing that they did the right thing.
  • My daughters little voice.  My daughters answer of GRREEAATTT when she’s in a positive mood and my son’s 1/2 smile that is just for me.
  • Helping.  When I can do a little something that does something for someone else it makes me happy.
  • Sitting outside at a restaurant when it’s warm and feeling yourself relax.
  • When something unexpected makes you laugh.
  • Birds.  Cute little happy caricatures of birds.

One thought on “What do you blog about at 6:30a on Saturday?

  1. Sounds like today is a day for getting creative one way or another. I suspect writing a mock craigslist ad for a car …. “the car of your dreams … engine burns up, bass in the engine, blow under the seat!”

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