Luke Bryan and other stuff

One off the bucket list

One off the bucket list

1. I have seen Luke Bryan up close, shirtless and sweaty. It wasn’t on my bucket list but it should have been.

2. Karma is a bitch. I hope I don’t pay for being giddy that karma is a bitch. I’ll worry about thatoo morrow. Today I am just wallowing in the fact that karma does exists.

3. Friends are not overrated. In fact over pita chips and incorrect drink orders I had an epiphany over just how underrated good friends are. I love my girls.

4. Softball practice is a great excuse for not cooking dinner.

5. I’ve seen Luke Bryan sweaty, shirtless and up- close. I know I’ve said that already but it bears repeating.

6. I can’t get the horror of Boston out of my mind. I can’t process it, can’t understand it, can’t explain it to my children nor can I process it. And I can’t say anymore about it.

7. Nothing about puberty is easy.

8. Life experiences like being backstage and incredible seats to an incredible concert in a history making venue….just once everyone should have at least one of these experiences. I had all 3.

9. Cowboy boots can change your outlook on things.

10. Standardized testing is frustrating.

11. Sometimes even if you are itching to say, “I told you so” you shouldn’t.

12. People who take the time to make coaching young girls to play softball in the midst of busy lives are special.

13. I don’t know what I would do if I was going to do something bold.

14. I’ve seen Luke Bryan… me, it bares repeating.

15. Never nothin ever when it comes to your children.

16. I am still trying to master cream eyeliner. I am beginning to think I am too old to learn a new trick.

17. My baby’s ringlets melt my heart.

18. It’s time to have THE TALK with my daughter. I never expected this moment to make me want to cry.

19. I love that moment when you find that perfectly comfortable position and pull the quilt up to your chin and you know sleep is mere moments away.

20. How did you think I was ending this….I’ve seen Luke Bryan shirtless and sweaty an up close.








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