Mommy Math

The cluster factor. As a mom this elusive formula must be factored into every decision. Taking a 3yr old to a movie: CF 9=no go. This week I had a particularly difficult equation to work out-celebrity golf tournament with a cluster factor of 10. There are times when you the worth it number > the […]

Don’t count the drops; count the catches

My friend at AreYouZhaZha said this far more eloquently then I can today in her blog: Walking across the street from my building to the main building a driver stopped, stopped her car in the middle of the road, with traffic, leaned her head out of her open window and shouted, “That is a […]

Yes, Tom Hanks, there is crying in baseball

This weekend I spent a lot of time on the other side of mothering, the side that isn’t gooey and sweet and special and touching.  My weekend was spent in the trenches, in the nitty-gritty and the dirty part of being a mother. This weekend I had to deal with heartbreak, disappointment and growing up.  […]

Munching Down Memory Lane

What foods remind you of loved ones? I ask because a friend of mine found a really cool blog showing women around the world standing in font of the ingredients from their ‘signature’ dishes. It got me thinking. My Grandmother would wake up early and make us gooshey rolls. They were warm, delicious cinnamon […]