What brings me comfort?

The things that comfort me aren’t profound.

1.                  Holding my toddlers hand.  I love her chubby hand in mine and adore the trust and love that such a simple gesture implies.

2.                  Writing.

3.                  Pulling my quilt up to my nose and burrowing under the covers at night.

4.                  My old-ragged-torn-quilt.

5.                  Hugs from my husband.  I am not affectionate.  I almost am adverse to adult affection but he hugs me and makes me hug him back and I find comfort in the fact that he loves me even when I am not lovable.

6.                  Rainy Days.

7.                  Love notes stuck in random places.  Again, there is comfort in being loved.

8.                  “Mama”. I thought I would be Mommy or Mom but my little ones have a soft, southern drawl that calls me Mah-mah.  When it’s said in quiet, undemanding tones it makes me feel like I am exactly what I was meant to be.

9.                  There are about 10 songs that make up the soundtrack of my re-falling in love and starting over.  Those songs I played and played and played while being courted from afar.  They spoke of feelings and emotions that I never thought I would feel again.  When I hear them now on the radio or on my music my heart smiles.

10.              Noodles.  Plan noodles with salt and parmesan cheese.  It’s my comfort food.

11.              My Warrior Dash medal.  It reminds me I am capable of doing things I don’t think I can do.

12.              The “LIKE” notification on my blog.

13.              The message indicator on FB-I love being reached out to, communicated with and included.

14.              Weekly CK lunches.

15.              The beach.

16.              Heated car seats.  Sometimes it’s like a hug.  J

17.              A savings account although these days it doesn’t provide much comfort.  Guess even a little comfort counts.

18.              In the middle of the night when my 3-year old climbs into our bed she scooches back until she finds the cradle of my sleeping position and she nestles in and sometimes sighs like she’s where she belongs.

19.              Healthy babies.

20.              Trees.  Perfectly shaped trees.

21.              When my teenage son yells out, Love you, when he bounces off to be with his friends.

22.              When the job I do changes someone’s life.

23.              Hearing THANK YOU.

24.              Being able to help.

25.              Pictures.

26.              When my children do something that shows good character I find comfort that they are going to do okay in this life.

27.              Marking stuff off a to-do list.

28.              Family

29.              Unexpected hugs or snuggles from my big babies.

30.              When my husband throws back his head and laughs at something I’ve said.

31.              Spanish moss hanging from HUGE, graceful trees.

32.              Yellow flowers.

33.              When I create something.

34.              Waxing.  And that is all I am going to say on that subject.

35.              If I am being truthful, elastic waistbands.  This also brings me huge amounts of discomfort but that is a topic for another day.

36.              That first sip of sweet coffee in the morning.

37.              The subtle curls and the end of my baby girls hair.

38.              The way my big curl cups her fingers. It’s a gesture from her baby-days and when I see it now, no matter how big she is, I am reminded of my little girl.

39.              When a family member is traveling and I get the call that they have arrived at their destination safe and sound.

40.              My first wedding ring tucked away in a drawer as an emergency plan.

41.              That pink piece of paper that tells me that my mammo was okay.

42.              Having friends that will tell you the truth but be there to help you deal with the truth.

43.              Sunny spring days.

44.              Being at a softball game or a swim meet when nothing else is expected of you but to cheer and support your athletes.

45.              When my children get something that they’ve worked hard to obtain.

46.              Hair color.

47.              Sweatshirts.

48.              Friends that look at me and roll their eyes at the exact moment that I do.

49.              Soft lamp light on a tableau that I’ve created in my house.

50.               That last second before you fall asleep when you know that for now everyone you love is safe and secure.


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