Making time to make memories

Mama made

Mama made

“Mom, the end of the year party is Monday and it’s all about the 50’s and I need a costume,” this is said on a Thursday. The Thursday prior to the Monday being mentioned might I point out. Already on the to-do list for the weekend: a 7:30 Friday night softball game, dipping 80 pretzel wands in chocolate and sprinkles, individually wrapping and adorning them with ribbon so they appear to be magic wands and starting and FINISHING a softball video with over 200 pictures, attending and working Relay for Life, a softball party, buying a car and a concert. And that was SATURDAY’s to do list.

“They wore jeans, white t-shirts and pony tails in the 50’s. We can make something work,” was my response. Immediately her face fell. “Baby, I don’t have time to do anything else,” I ran down the list of to-dos for her. She nodded that she understood and dejectedly walked off. Turns out she wanted a poodle skirt. “No is an answer, no is an answer, no is an answer” became my mantra.

Sunday. Relay over. Softball over. Videos delivered. Car bought. Chocolate wands dipped, sprinkled, wrapped and devoured. Today’s list: Major grocery shopping and marathon laundry on tap. Actually finding the floor. Car clean up. There isn’t enough time to get done what needs to be done. Early morning I heard, “Don’t forget I need a costume,” says the girl. “Jeans and pony tails are my normal attire,” I swear these are her words, “but I guess we can make it work.” Deep sigh.

Mom guilt slaps me right upside the head. Hard. I have just written a blog about the horrible 4th grade year my daughter has endured. We’ve just ended a softball season in which she really, really wants to make All-Stars. I know she is not going to make All-Stars but haven’t broached that subject yet. Due to some unexpected work issues I can’t help with the end-of-the-year party like I told her I would (which is tearing me up). Add to that, I remember having a poodle skirt as a girl and I loved it. “You don’t have time for this, you don’t have time for this, you don’t have time for this,” is the new mantra.

I could walk you through the internal debate but what is the point. I gave in. I caved. I broke down like a double barrel shotgun. Between store runs I cut a hard right and squealed on 2-wheels into the fabric store parking lot. I sat in the car and thought, “This is not a good idea, and you don’t have time for this. Walk away, walk away, and walk away.” In stead I walked INTO the store. $33 dollars later I leave the store with 3 yards of felt, a yard of tulle netting and 2 poodle appliqué (thank GOD I talked myself out of hand-crafting a poodle. That $3 was well spent).

$33 dollars on fabric, 2 knock-down-drag-out fights with my stubborn daughter, a few cuss words and 4 hours later my daughter gave a twirl in her finished poodle skirt. No, I didn’t have time to do this but how could I not make the time? I blinked and it’s over—this 9th year of hers. We are already ½ way thru her 10th year. The laundry can wait. One day she won’t remember if the carpet was vacuumed on this day BUT I bet she will remember that 4th grade was the year her Mom made her a poodle skirt! I bet she’ll twirl in delight all day today and maybe just once she’ll smile and think of me. How could I not make time for that?



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